Grant Program


Skiing can be an expensive sport and BART feels strongly about providing financial assistance to those who need it.  The individual finances should not be a prohibitive factor int he enrollment of the team. 


The program aims to identify and award financial grants to ski racers in the local area desiring to participate with the Bluewood Alpine Race Team.   Applications will be judged and recipients selected by December 15, 2018. Attached is the two-page application.

Grant Policy


Applicants must be members in good standing of BART.  The BART Board of Directors shall decide the quantity and amounts for annual scholarships.  Grant winners will be determined on merit and need.  Grant award shall be made by a non-biased third party body made up of three past BART members.   Applicants will supply the following items directly to this third party:

·       Completed application form.

·       Essay by the child explaining why they deserve a scholarship.

·       Essay from the parent(s) explaining the need for a scholarship.

The Program Director shall supply the following items to the third party:

·       Income modifier for multiple children

·       Years involvement on team

·       A score from 1 to 10 from the Head Coach based on their overall commitment to the sport and the club, their attitude and their potential.  The Coach will not provide this score for his/her own children if any are applicants.

Once awarded, scholarships will be assessed to costs in the following order, paid directly by the team and only as they come due.  There will be no cash disbursements of scholarships, except as reimbursement for expenses already paid by the family and then only after all fees due by the family are received.

·       Coaching fees

·       Bluewood season pass

·       Winter Training Camp fees

·       Race entry fees

·       Race lift tickets

·       Summer Training Camp fees

Scholarship funds are applicable only to the expenses of the individual athlete receiving the award and any funds not used by the end of the fiscal year (April 30) will be forfeit.

Confidentiality: All information provided in or with the application will be kept in the strictest confidence and is viewed only by the selection committee. All copies of confidential documents will be destroyed at the end of judging.